Fernanda & Mariano - Spring Inspired Maternity Couple's Shoot - Los Angeles, CA


Fernanda Romero & Mariano's Spring-Inspired Maternity Couple's Shoot

Canoga Park, CA

Fernanda & Mariano are expecting a baby boy in June!! To celebrate, we planned this adorable spring-inspired shoot at their house in Canoga Park, CA (for those that don't know, Canoga Park is in Los Angeles!). We were originally planning on shooting at a park by their house, but I just fell in love with the lawn, so we decided to just stay here! They just recently bought this house (WOO!) and are in the process of revamping the inside, so stay tuned for an in-home session when it's complete! 

I drove my Jeep and I'm SO glad we did because it was the MOST FUN PROP EVER! Seriously, the best. The trunk is HUGE so we moved the setup in there and made some magic! 


We were originally going to shoot with my Jeep at a park by their house, but we loved the lawn so much we just decided to stay there and shoot! We still wanted to incorporate the Jeep, so I pulled it up on the driveway!

Ahhh so cute!

Ahhh so cute!

The trunk folds down and there is a TON of room back there, so I brought up that we should move our setup to the trunk! Mariano had the killer idea to drive it up on the lawn and I was SO stoked. 

Little Lola! 

Little Lola! 

I'm a HUGE advocate for bringing props to shoots! They help give you something to do with your hands and interact with each other!